Water & Wastewater

  • The modern world is inconceivable without wastewater treatment systems. Cities and towns, industrial and agricultural enterprises all over the world can not function properly without proper wastewater treatment systems. The use of new technological solutions in cleaning systems helps to reduce the costs (financial costs) and reduce staff time engaged in this process.

  • Wastewater consistency meter A344W

    Application of high-precision sensors A 344W of Aquar-System for measuring the consistency of solids (activated sludge) allows to automate processes for wastewater treatment. Consistency sensors can be used at all stages of wastewater treatment for process control. Can be used in stages such as the regulation of power supply and pumping the aqueous slurry primary segmentation tangs, controlled supply of active sludge in the aeration, operating sludge thickening, controlled fermentation process in digesters and batching flocculants for sludge dewatering. The result of the application of sensors A 344W allows at all stages to save energy by precise dosing in cleaning processes. Besides the undoubted convenience, use of sensors enables an extremely precise technical regulations to comply with wastewater treatment. What is of particular importance in the global trends of environmental protection. And most importantly, the use of consistency sensors allows sparingly expend the flocculant (up 20 percent).