Consistency regulator A3430

Consistency regulator A3430
Concentration regulator A3430

Brief description

On the basis of the infra-red sensor of concentration A 342 and microwave sensors A343, A344, the schemes of cascade concentration regulation, composition of paper pulp and automated control systems (ACS) stock preparation of papermaking machines are built.
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  • Concentration sensors developed by experts of «Aquar-System» Ltd. can be delivered as a part of finished microprocessor based concentration regulators "A 3420", "A 3430" and "A 3440" with electric and pneumatic valves for water diluting.
  • Technical characteristics 3420, 3430, 3440
    Concentration regulation range 0.5-6%
    Long-term regulation error 0.03% (abs.)
    Media temperature +10...+50°
    Ambient temperature working range+5...+50