Microwave consistency meter A343

Microwave consistency meter A343
Microwave concentration sensor A343

Brief description

Microwave plug-in consistency meter "A 343" is designed for high-precision measurement of the concentration of the pulp in the pulp and paper industry, as well as for use in water treatment facilities for concentration measuring of sludge in wastewater.

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  • The sensor is embedding in process pipelines with a diameter of 200 mm and above as a flange ins ert.

    Microwave plug-in consistency meter “A 343 has incorporated all best achievements in the field of concentration measurement for enterprises of the pulp-and-paper industry. Its principle of operation is based on the precise measurement of permittivity of pulp (aqueous suspension) in the microwave range of electromagnetic waves. The use of the microwave equipment allowed measuring the concentration on such level which is inaccessible for traditional methods of measurements based on the change of pulp viscosity depending on its concentration.

    The microwave sensor A 343 determine the bulk concentration of all substances entering into the composition of the pulp(aqueous suspension), are insensitive to the type of fibers, their length, composition, grinding degree, color, flow speed. They have good repeatability, linearity and high sensitivity. The sensors are adapted to all types of a fibrous semimanufactures, insensitive to the change of water conductivity, and by this reason they are irreplaceable at the measurement of waste flows of paper pulp in the cellulose production process, at enterprises with the closed cycle of water circulation, as well as for use in water treatment facilities for concentration measuring of sludge in wastewater.

    The microwave sensors are the universal means for measuring the concentration practically in all technological parts of machines for papermaking (cardboard) of all types and can be operated in most hard production conditions. Because of absence of mechanical moving parts the sensors are simple and reliable in maintenance. Only one concentration value is required for their calibration. The indication block made on the basis of the panel MT8070iH2WK 7 TFT LCD allows monitoring current values of concentration, temperature and conductivity of the pulp, as well as their trends within the past day in the convenient for the operator form. The sensors are easily adapted to ACS.

    At present more than 300 consistency sensors produced by Aquar-System LTD. are successfully operated at the biggest enterprises of the pulp-and-paper industry of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

    Consistency meters "A 343" and "A344", have the same principle of measuring, but constructively differ among themselves by the type of installing in the pipeline.

  • Technical characteristics 343
    Concentration measurement range 0 - 8 %
    Repeatability ±0.01% (abs.)
    Process temperature +5 - +70 °
    Environment temperature +5 - +70
    Pipeline diameter more than 200 mm
    Output 4 - 20 m
    Communication interface RS-232, RS-485
    Pressure min. 1.5 bar
    Pressure max. 10 bar
    Medium conductivity max. 15.0 mS/cm
    Protection of the sensor and transformation blockIP 65
    Power supply 100-260 VAC, 25 W