Infrared consistency meter A342

Infrared consistency meter A342
Ifrared concentration sensor A342

Brief description

Principle of the consistency meter "A 342" is based on the measurement of the reflection coefficient of cellulose fibers in the near-and far-infrared wavelengths.

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  • The device measuring channel is made by double-beam scheme with a reference and measuring photodetectors.

    The second photodetector is introduced to compensate changes of light flux due to variations in the power of the emitter, the pollution of the input window and changing of the paper pulp color.

    Infrared Sensor "A 342" is used to measure the concentration of only one-component aqueous suspensions (all types of pulp, wood pulp, kaolin, etc.).

    Concentration measuring range — from 0.5 up to 6%. Error of ± 0.05%.