Pulp consistency meter

  • Microwave consistency meter A444

    Microwave consistency meter A444

    Microwave meter A444 is the latest fourth generation of consistency sensors produced by Aquar-System more than 20 years and supplied customers in pulp and paper industry.

  • Microwave concentration sensor A344

    Microwave consistency meter A344

    Microwave transmission type consistency meter "A 344" is designed for high-precision measurement of the concentration of the pulp in the pulp and paper industry, as well as for use in water treatment facilities for concentration measuring of sludge in wastewater.

  • Ifrared concentration sensor A342

    Infrared consistency meter A342

    Principle of the consistency meter "A 342" is based on the measurement of the reflection coefficient of cellulose fibers in the near-and far-infrared wavelengths.