Pulp & paper

  • Production of high-quality paper and paperboard today at the present time is impossible without the continuous monitoring quality parameters of manufactured products. In turn, a current production facility for human reaction is enough to control the production process in general, but not for the production of required quality. And at this stage you need the required minimum of automation for manufacturing products of high quality. "Aquar-System" Ltd. offers a full range of equipment and software to ensure quality control in the production of paper and board in different price segment implementations of the project.

    To ensure continuous monitoring of quality parameters Paper Quality Control System "A3000" is proposed. Number of control units may differ, depending on customer requirements and to which parameters should be monitored. The basic parameters are the paper weight and moisture content of paper web, but the system may be supplemented with optional sensors for monitoring other parameters (ash content, thickness, etc.). Types of sensors monitoring parameters can also be different and vary depending on product that produces paper machine (cardboard machine), and is determined by the measurement accuracy that is needed. To implement the automatic control of quality parameters of the manufactured products specialized module is used. This module provides a number of control functions that directly affect the quality of products: managing the concentration of machine pool that allows you to stabilize the quality of the pulp that is fed to the paper machine (cardboard machine), the control of the headbox, maintaining the level in the headbox, jet pressure control that was admitted to the grid, monitoring speed of the machine and the pulp flow correction depending on the parameter f-lux, preset for that type of product, control of paper weight by the dry fiber that is supplied to the grid with correction from reel-up (quality control system), moisture control of paper web in two points (gluing press, reel-up), the system is a source of setpoint for steam condensate control system. The control system supports up to two grids/headbox. As well paper quality control system can optionally be supplemented by a CD-profile control system of the paper web. This system has the ability to be installed into the headbox with a movable slice top lip as well as into the systems with water injection in headbox collector.