Paper Quality Control System (QCS)

  • The main purpose of paper (cardboard) web quality control system (QCS) «A 3000» is controlling of MD and CD profiles of the products quality parameters. The quality control system is also a source of data for process control system and quality parameters regulation.

    The system of "A 3000" is an intelligent measuring software and hardware control system of the products quality parameters, which is implemented with the use of modern technology and scientific achievement of our company.


    The quality control system mechanical part provides maximum movement accuracy of measurement sensors across the full width of paper web controlled, which allows the measurement with minimum error. While developing the high-precision measurement platform, were solved the main problems of fundamental importance for the effective operation of the system.

    The first - it is drive technology, that ensures synchronous movement of measuring platform with mounted sensors.

    The second – it is effective measures for compensation impacts that affect the accuracy of measurements, including temperature.

    Technical characteristics of scanning device
    Controlled web width 1200-6300 mm
    Carriages synchronous movement accuracy ±0.1 mm
    Carriages coordinates accuracy 0.5 mm
    Carriages synchronous rotation angle 30°
    Working gap for measuring sensors 12 mm
    Carriages linear movement speed 0-0.5 m/s
    Power of induction motor <0.5 kW
    Temperature working range +5...+60
    Ambient humidity up to 100%


    The use of modern family high quality sensors allows to control parameters of paper web with maximum frequency and minimum error.

    The measuring part of quality control system includes modern new generation intelligent sensors:

    moisture meter infrared or microwave
    paper weight sensor radioisotope or infrared (depends on paper type)
    ash sensor radioisotope
    Thickness sensor inductive (on an air cushion)

    Sensors are designed to meet the requirements of high metrological characteristics, high reliability, maximum performance, dust-and water-resistance, uniformity, interchangeability.

    All measuring sensors are intelligent microprocessor devices. Measurements and signal processing are performed directly by the sensors themselves that helps to minimize interference and improve the reliability of the overall system.

    Number of controlled parameters can be increased optionally, by parameters of brightness, color, opacity, smoothness and other on demand.


    Intelligent sensors control parameters paper web quality control system integrated into Fieldbus protocol using CAN-Open. The use of such technology data transfer can significantly reduce the system time data exchange.

    The software package of quality control system is constructed with the experience of implementation of such systems, and consists of standard and specialized subsystems, software subsystems to work with databases and archiving.

    The graphical users interface has intuitive structure. Commands entered by the operator are subject to control, automatically provide support functions of safe controlling. Each message has a set of characteristic information fields: descriptions, advanced comment, arrival time, time of leaving and duration of the message.

    The software includes module for compiling reporting information that is accumulating in statistics (per shift, per day, week, month, specified period of time). View, shape and content of the reporting information itself are configurable template.

    In the basic composition of the quality control system includes the module "guest" access to the server system, that allows the viewing of the information from any client terminal.

    Connection to the server system occurs under standard TCP / IP, allowing you to connect to one segment up to 16 scanning devices. The quality control system can be optionally supplemented with any interface Fieldbus for integration in the control systems.

    Optional quality control system can be represented in the enterprise network segment as OPC - Server (accordance to "OPC Foundation") and as a database open to providing information on manufactured products by standardized SQL-queries. These technologies allow making conjugation of the quality system with accounting systems EMS.