Paper machine Distributed Control System (DCS)

  • ACS for stock-preperation

    ACS for stock-preperation

    Our automated systems are the complete modules for controlling different stages of technological process. Each module itself is realized, checked and tested software and hardware complex. Such module systems allow decreasing significantly expenses for designing, delivery and installation.

    Automated Control System stock preparation paper machine is a multi-parameter control system aimed at stabilization the characteristics of pulp supplied to the paper machine.

  • ACS for short circulation systems and the headbox

    ACS for short circulation systems and the headbox

    We’d like to offer you the whole specter projects decisions and equipment for successfully commission new or modernized manufacture lines. Our offers are the full management and support at all project stages, project optimization, document preparation, complex equipment delivery, software preparation, making FAT with technological clients personal.
    Automated control system of short circulation systems and headboxes, is designed to control equipment that is dosing the pulp for paper machine, paper pulp refining, regulating flow rate of pulp on the grid.

  • ACS for water circulation

    We offer ready decisions for separate stages of technological process cardboard and paper manufacturing. It regards for:

    • Repulping and refining of paper pulp
    Screening and preparation of compositions
    Stock preparation department
    Purification systems and white water circulation systems
    System of short pulp circulation
    Steam condensate system
    Auxiliary systems of PM

  • ACS for steam and condensate system

    ACS for steam and condensate system

    More than 20 years our company has successfully realized lots of projects for automation different stages of paper and cardboard manufacture. Our experience allows us suggest quality DCS and MCC corresponding high clients requirements.

    Automated control systems of steam and condensate systems of paper machine, projected by "Aquar-System" aimed to get the necessary dry paper on the reel before the press and other technological points to meet the requirements to optimize the process of drying of the paper web and minimization of energy consumption.