A 3100

A 3100

Brief description

The automated grain dampening system “A 3150” is the autonomous unit of automated grain moistening process before milling. To increase the efficiency management specialists of Aquar-system worked out the information and software complex of grain dampening A 3100, which allows to manage the graining process distantly and process correctly the current parameters. This complex allows processing options of grain moistening on several local moistening systems A 3150. The complex is based on PC. The local moistening systems "A 3150" are connected by interface RS-485 or Ethernet.

The software functions:

- showing the current status and operating mode of all connected lines;

- archiving, visualization, logging of options (such as grain temperature, grain flow, water consumption) for every subsystem. Visualization can be text, graphic or digital;

- enter the moistening level, regulation options for dosing water controller, correction coefficients for moisture sensors and grain flow and water consumption that provide normal system functioning;

- archiving of personal actions with as information complex in general so with every local subsystem;

- current actions messages;

- emergency, alarms indication;

- archive information management;

- table view archive;

- time or any event system selection;

- graphing any system event in specified time period;

- reporting;

- printing information

Software hasuserfriendly interface, easy to use, has instructions and description, and online help-system

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  • Automated grain dampening system "A 3150" is a part of the information complex, which allows you to control the process of grain dampening and lead accumulation of and processing of the current parameters of the process along the lines of dampening.

    The complex allows to lead processing of current process parameters on multiple (up to 15) local grain dampening systems "A 3150". The complex also includes a personal computer, interface card and software that implement the upper level for the grain dampening systems.

    Software package in the standard version consists of two programs:

    1. Program of data collection and control;

    2. Program to work with the database.

    Program of data collection and management provides:

    • Displays the current status and mode of all connected subsystems;
    • Collection, visualization, logging parameters (input moisture, grain temperature, grain flow, water flow rate) for each of the subsystems. (Visualization of parameters can be in digital, textual or graphics (trends) form);
    • Entering setpoints (moisture), the correction factors (for grain flow sensors), etc., to ensure the normal functioning of the subsystems (controllers and measuring equipment);
    • Logging personnel actions while working with the program;
    • Teletype (displaying messages on current events occurring in the system);
    • Indication of emergency situations;
    • Working with different technological parameters, such as data on shifts (to allow possibility of monitoring and reporting on the work of each shift), etc.

    Program to work with the database provides:

    • Management of information archives (select, delete, copy, etc.);
    • View the selected archive in a table form;
    • Making of the data samples by time, and on any event or a list of system events;
    • Construction of graphs (trends) on any event, for a specified period of time, if necessary, with the overall scale for the value axis and the time (or index). On one graph can be display up to eight trends, which allows to make a more detailed analysis;
    • Making reports that are agreed with the client, of software package (for example, report on the work shift, the work for the period, the work for technological cycle, etc.);
    • Printing the entire viewing information.

    Both programs are easy to learn and have a description and instructions for using them, as well as integrated OnLine help system.