Information and software complex for grain dampening

  • A 3100

    The automated grain dampening system “A 3150” is the autonomous unit of automated grain moistening process before milling. To increase the efficiency management specialists of Aquar-system worked out the information and software complex of grain dampening A 3100, which allows to manage the graining process distantly and process correctly the current parameters. This complex allows processing options of grain moistening on several local moistening systems A 3150. The complex is based on PC. The local moistening systems "A 3150" are connected by interface RS-485 or Ethernet.

    The software functions:

    - showing the current status and operating mode of all connected lines;

    - archiving, visualization, logging of options (such as grain temperature, grain flow, water consumption) for every subsystem. Visualization can be text, graphic or digital;

    - enter the moistening level, regulation options for dosing water controller, correction coefficients for moisture sensors and grain flow and water consumption that provide normal system functioning;

    - archiving of personal actions with as information complex in general so with every local subsystem;

    - current actions messages;

    - emergency, alarms indication;

    - archive information management;

    - table view archive;

    - time or any event system selection;

    - graphing any system event in specified time period;

    - reporting;

    - printing information

    Software hasuserfriendly interface, easy to use, has instructions and description, and online help-system