Grain moisture meter in flow " 315"

Grain moisture meter in flow " 315"
Grain moisture meter in flow " 315"

Brief description

Microwave grain moisture control unit A315was developed by the research team of “Aquar-System Ltd. (Minsk,Belarus) and is designed to be used for:

continuous automatic measurement of the current grain moisture value, legumes and oil crops in grain drying complex while automating the grain drying process;

measurement of grain moisture on flour milling factories and providing optimal work cycle of grain dampening before milling it, within automatic dampening system;

high precision laboratorial grain moisture express-control.

-the readings of the grain moisture are independent of its density, which ensures high reliability measurement of grain moisture in the flow;

- further calibration for all the crops is not required at the installation site during lifetime of grain moisture control unit;

-all the characteristics of moisture control unit are confirmed by certificates and by including grain moisture in the flow control unit into the State register of measuring equipment.

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  • Measured crops:

    Grain crops: wheat, barley, triticale, rye, oats, corn, millet, buckwheat;

    Legumes: lupine;

    Oil crops: rapeseed, sunflower.

    *The number of crops can be extended up to 25 species

    Moisture control unit is designed to work with other automatization equipment, machines of centralized control and control systems, where data exchange is performed under the interfaceRS-232, RS-485 or current-output.

    The operating principle of multiparameter microwave grain moisture in the flow control unit “A-315 is based on the considerable difference in range of ultra-high frequencies between dielectric capacitivity most of dry substances and water.

    The unit uses a ring resonator as sensor, in the center of which there is a measuring channel in the form of a dielectric tube, through which flows the grain partially allocated from the general flow. The resonator parameters change when electromagnetic waves interact with grain of different moisture.

    An important advantage and characteristic of this moisture control unit is that due to the simultaneous measurement of two parameters of the resonator (resonance frequency and resonance amplitude) and a special processing algorithm of the processing grain moisture, are independent of its density, which ensures high reliability measurement of grain moisture in the flow. The built in the measuring channel the temperature sensor provides automatic correction of the grain moisture depending on the grain temperature.

    The moisture control unit is installed at the place of control in such a way that the main flow of grain fell into the area of the measuring channelhole. Back pressure of grain in the measuring channel is done by the built into the sensor conical insert. The grain which does not go through the measuring channel is poured past the sensor.

    In 2011-2012 more than 700 pieces of grainin the flow moisture control units "A-315" were delivered and are successfully used on grain drying complexes produced by "Amkodor-Mozha", JSC "Lidselmash", JSC "Brestselmash". The moisture control unit is used for measuring of the grain in the flow moisture while drying various agricultural crops and received high accolades from experts.

    Specifications and quality of the delivered equipment meets normative and technical documentation of the manufacturer (Aquar-system Ltd.) and specifications BY 101235030.017-2011.

  • Technical characteristics
    indication range of the grain moisture in the flow (5÷40) %
    maximum permissible absolute error of moisture measuring from 5% to 18%±0,5 %
    moisture control unit provides an indication of moisture measurements of grain crops in the range of 18% to 40% 1 %
    required temperature of the grain in the flow 5÷55 °
    ambient temperature0÷55
    working modecontinuous
    time required for setting operation mode up to 10 minutes
    Output4-20 mA,
    power voltage24 VDC
    input power (up to) 5 W
    protection class rating IP-65
    Weight (up to)6.5 kg
    Requirements for operational reliability

    total average lifetime (if following all requirements on storage conditions in winter season)

    8 years and more