Mills & dryers automation

  • The moistening of grain is one of the most important step of technological process that significantly affects the grain milling preparation, the finished product stabilization and the energy optimization.

    Microwave grain moisture control unit “A-315” was developed by the research team of Aquar-System Ltd. (Minsk, Belarus) and is designed to be used for:
    - continuous automatic measurement of the current grain moisture value, legumes and oil crops in grain drying complex while automating the grain drying process;
    - measurement of grain moisture on flour milling factories and providing optimal work cycle of grain dampening before milling it, within automatic dampening system;
    - high precision laboratorial grain moisture express-control.

    - the readings of the grain moisture are independent of its density, which ensures high reliability measurement of grain moisture in the flow;
    - further calibration for all the crops is not required at the installation site during lifetime of grain moisture control unit;
    - all the characteristics of moisture control unit are confirmed by certificates and by including grain moisture in the flow control unit into the State register of measuring equipment.

    Automated grain dampening system in the flow intended for stabilization of automatic process of grain dampening. Grain dampening system in the flow "A 3150" is superior by its characteristics all analogous systems available in the CIS countries, and not inferior to developments of the best companies in the world.