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The moistening of grain is one of the most important step of technological process that significantly affects the grain milling preparation, the finished product stabilization and the energy optimization.

Highly qualified specialists of “Aquar-System” worked out the multichannel grain flow moistening system to automate the process of grain moistening. The important element of A 3150 system is multiparameter microwave moisture sensor A 315. "A 315" has the significant advantages:

  • grain moisture indications are independent of its density that ensures high reliability of flow moisture measurement;
  • additional calibration at the installation place is not required for all the crops during microwave sensor service life;
  • all the characteristics of the moisture sensor are confirmed by certificates and included as grain flow moisture sensor in the State Register of measuring equipment

Automated grain dampening system in flow A 3150 is intended for automatic grain moisture stabilization at conveyor moistening device. The stabilization is achieved by automatic management of water supply depending on grain consumption and moisture, water consumption and water pressure in water pipe and finally specified (given) moisture.

Moisture measurement and grain consumption module in technological line includes grain consumption sensor "A 352" and grain moisture sensor "A 315" (transmission type). The quantity of modules depends on automatic moistening lines quantity. Depending on place existence it can be joint or separate installation of sensors "A 352" and "A 315".

The water given on moistening section calculated by PLC depending on basic grain moisture in the flow, grain consumption regulated before moistening, and finally needed moisture level.

Electromechanical module of control and management water consumption provides the effective water dosing in high specter. Because of constant water consumption control the process of moistening does not depend on possible pressure changes in water pipe. The necessary number of modules installed on water supply points.

All technological parameters are displayed in alphabet-digital and graphic view at the operators screen.

The grain dampening system A 3150 has the possibility of interface with automated management system workshop or enterprise level and can be used in structure of the control information and program complex of grain moistening "A 3100".

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  • At the modern flour milling factories one of the most important stages of the technological process, significantly affecting the preparation of grain for milling and stabilization of producing finished product, is the stage of grain dampening.

    Years of research by Ltd. "Aquar-System" was created highly efficient automated system of grain dampening in the flow "A 3150", that is superior by it's characteristics all analogous systems available in the CIS countries, and not inferior to developments of the best companies in the world.

    The basis of "A3150", which is unparalleled, is multivariable microwave grain moisture meter "A 315" of cavity-type , which provides high accuracy regardless of the density, variety, quality, temperature of grain and other disturbing factors.

    Automated system of grain dampening in the flow is to be used for flour mill for automatical stabilizing of grain dampening in the auger dampening devices. Stabilization is achieved by automatical regulation of the water supply, depending on the flow rate, grain moisture, pressure and water flow rate in the water system and the desired final moisture content.

    Advantages of the system:

    - Grain moisture is measured continuously by high precision moisture meter throughfeed type (without branches from the main technological stream).

    -Moisture measurement accuracy is extremely high (higher than that of analogous systems), is independent of the density, variety, quality, temperature of grain and other disturbing factors.

    -There is special operating mode of grain moisture meter, which periodically compensates hardware components of measurement error.

    -Continuous monitoring and displaying of the flow rate of grain.

    -Dosing of water is carried out by electrically operated control valve. Because of continuously monitoring water flow rate, dosing is regardless of pressure changes in the water supply.

    -If you exceed a predetermined threshold value of water flow the water supply will be automatically stopped.

    -When interrupting the grain flow or reloading of grain flow meter, with the help of shut-off valve, the water supply of the dampening system will be immediately stopped.

    -Due to the high accuracy measurement parameters of the initial grain moisture and flow, the dampening process being optimized and, as a consequent, minimizing the spread of values of grain moisture before milling process.

    -Controlling operating modes of the system is carried out from the operator panel that provides high flexibility and efficiency of controlling.

    - Due to the use as a base module of control system high-performance PLC, the desired high-speed processing of data from the sensors were achieved that ensure high flexibility for possible future upgrade, the possibility of integration the system into a single commercial enterprise network is also realized.

    - Visualization of the grain dampening directly on the technological area and on the operator panel.

  • Automated grain dampening system in the flow intended for stabilization of automatic process of grain dampening - the most important stage of its preparation for milling, that ensures the necessary changes in physical and structural properties of the grains before milling.

    Automatic maintenance of grain moisture in the zone of technological and energetical optima provides:

    a) maximum extraction of high-grade products with maximum permissible standard value of the moisture flour and bran;

    b) the minimum value of products ash content;

    c) minimum consumption of energy resources;

    d) uniform loading of production equipment and uniform output of finished products;

    e) more high speed of technological process.

    The system consists of two main blocks:

    I Block for measuring of flow and grain moisture contains of: 1 - grain flow sensor ("A-352"), 2 - grain moisture meter in flow ("A-315").

    II Block for control and regulation of water flow rate includes: 4 - water flow sensor, 5 - automatic regulating water supply valve, 6 - master controller.