CD & MD control. Robot manipulator A385

CD & MD control. Robot manipulator A385
CD & MD control. Robot manipulator A385

Brief description

Specialized robot-manipulator is intended for regulation headbox slice top lip. It's a part of CD managment system.
Robot manipulator is designed for coordinated regulation, of the same type mechanisms precise regulation of any parameter, arranged in a line and having the rotational principle of regulation.
  • Description
  • It allows by the operator commands or computer system to find the mechanism of precise control and turn its regulatory body at a given angle in any direction, as well as to make an algebraic summation of the angles of rotation for each mechanism.

    The main application of this device is paper industry, in which a number of parameters need to be adjusted to the whole width of the paper web directly in the production process. In particular, the surface density and moisture cross-profile paper web for traditionally regulated by a large number (70) of the same type mechanisms such as valves, each of which is located on a particular area of ​​paper web and affects the controlled parameter in this zone. Equipping each controlling mechanism by the individual drive significantly increases the cost of the equipment and reduces the reliability of the system as a whole, because the probability of failure of one of the units of the system is proportional to their number in the system. In addition, the installation of individual drives requires significant structural improvements of existing equipment (headbox, dampening water jets, steam boxes, etc.).

    Using a robotic arm can solve the same problems parameters regulation of paper web at a lower cost and with greater reliability.

    Robotic arm performs two basic operations.

    The first is to take stock with the required accuracy of the robot's actuator mechanism to a specified mechanism of precise regulation from any previous position. The second operation - is the realization of regulation (turning heads mechanism of precise regulation, by a specified angle). For this purpose, the robot's actuator pushes the grip, which is covering the mechanism's head of precise regulation, after that the rotation of the grip with the head is followed, and after finishing of rotation the grip retracts, releasing the head. The cycle of regulation can be repeated with other input data (mechanism's number of precise regulation and rotation angle).

    The control of described cycle is realized by means of controller. In this case, the   control programme determines the initial data for each subsequent cycle of regulation.