Actuating mechanism

  • CD & MD control. Robot manipulator A385

    CD & MD control. Robot manipulator A385

    Specialized robot-manipulator is intended for regulation headbox slice top lip. It's a part of CD managment system.
    Robot manipulator is designed for coordinated regulation, of the same type mechanisms precise regulation of any parameter, arranged in a line and having the rotational principle of regulation.

  • Pulp valve A381

    Pulp valve A381

    There are some stages in manufacture where using standard devices and solutions cannot take parameters in needed range. In such way specialized equipment for specific task and condition is used.

    In pulp and paper industry there are number of specialized control units that demands special approach. Particularly such unit is a pulp valve A381. This valve is designed for dosing paper pulp to paper machine (cardboard machine). The advantage of this pulp valve is servo drive that allows controlling the valve position down to 0.1%, also special form of valve allows proportional controlling of paper pulp consumption depending on angle of valve opening. Valve A381 is used as a separate unit with manual control as well as a part of system pulp short circulation.

    The pulp valve control unit A381 is designed for use in the pulp and paper mills in order to control the value of the paper web density reel paper machines/cardboard machines.