Wastewater consistency meter A344W

  • Microwave consistency meter A344W

    Microwave consistency meter A344W

    Microwavetransmission typeconsistency sensor A 344W is used on urban wastewater treatment plants. The sensor A 344W measures the total solids content (activated sludge) in wastewater in the outputs from primary segmentation tang.


    Using the A 344W at wastewater Treatment Plants allowing:

    • to provide distinctly fulfillment of technical requirements and ecological norms;
    • make automation process wider;
    • lower polymer consumption;
    • lower energy consumption;
    • less laboratory analysis;

    Optimum flocculent dosage can be defined only by a reliable solid content measurement. Test results has showed saving of 20% in flocculent costs can be achieved. It will provide a short investment payback period, ranging from a few weeks to a few months according to the size or treatment plant.