Microwave consistency meter A344W

Microwave consistency meter A344W
Microwave consistency meter A344W

Brief description

Microwave transmission type consistency sensor A 344W is used on urban wastewater treatment plants. The sensor A 344W measures the total solids content (activated sludge) in wastewater in the outputs from primary segmentation tang.


Using the A 344W at wastewater Treatment Plants allowing:

  • to provide distinctly fulfillment of technical requirements and ecological norms;
  • make automation process wider;
  • lower polymer consumption;
  • lower energy consumption;
  • less laboratory analysis;

   Optimum flocculent dosage can be defined only by a reliable solid content measurement. Test results has showed saving of 20% in flocculent costs can be achieved. It will provide a short investment payback period, ranging from a few weeks to a few months according to the size or treatment plant.

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  • This sensor has been developed on the basis of sensor for determine consistency of pulp and wastepaper fibers in pulp and paper industry. Now they are successfully used at more than 50 pulp and paper manufactures in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

     Operating principle

    The microwave principal of A 344W allows determining solids consistency without calibration. Besides the mechanical pollutions of transmitter/receiver don’t distort readings unlike optical method sensors.


                The sensor is set up in pipeline and online on display you can see current consistency of activated sludge in wastewater. Also sensor can be used in Automated Control Systems.

    High accuracy measurement of sensor regardless of flow rate, sludge structure does not require additional service after installation.

  • Technical characteristicsА 344W
    Concentration measurement range 0 - 8 %
    Repeatability ±0.02% (abs.)
    Time of measurement 1 second
    Process temperature +5 - +50 °С
    Time mode continuous
    Output 4 - 20 mА
    Conductivity limits 10 mS/cm