About company

The main activity of "Aquar-System" is the design, development and introduction of technical and program-algorithmic tools for the control of process parameters and design of automated process control systems (DCS) in the pulp and paper and chemical industry, building materials, automation flour productions and grain drying complexes.

Company profile is quite wide - from performing the research and development (R & D) to create a modern high-tech sensors, devices and systems.

High scientific, technical and engineering level of developmentallows the company to occupy leading positions in these areas.

Inpulp and paper we provide services for the implementation of integrated process control systems from the stock preparation to rolling paper machines. Automated systems and sensors are designed for measurement and control:

  • pulp concentration;
  • humidity and the mass per unit area;
  • thickness;
  • ash content and density;
  • speed and length

in the production of paper and cardboard, and also tisyu paper.

In the field offlour milling automation and grain drying systems we offer single and multi-threaded modern automated grain dampening system in flow, which are successfully used in one of the most important stages of the process, greatly affecting the preparation of grain for milling and stabilization of the output of finished products.

We have successfully solved the problem of automation in modern grain drying plants, because possess a unique patented development of multiparameter microwave moisture meter grains, providing high accuracy regardless of the density, variety, quality, grain temperature and other factors

Inthe chemical industry and building materials industry we have developed and successfully implemented a series of infrared moisture meters of sheet and bulk materials (fertilizers and salt, wood chips, etc.).Moisture meter "Aquar-1108" included in the State Register of measuring of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.